Wando DECA 2015

Wando HS DECA Excels in State Competitions

Wando DECA 2015
Mr. Kirk Beilke, Wando High School’s DECA adviser, shared the following impressive report on his students’ success at the recent DECA State Competitions:  “58 students placed/qualified in over 18 separate business categories!”
“With a record 9 first place awards, 2 second, and 6 third, Wando business students have much to be proud of in their preparation for the event and the experience they gained during the competition.” Beilke said.
In all 36 Wando students have qualified for the International Career and Development Conference in which the best high school business students from 9 countries will compete.
Below is a list of the Top Ten Award winners and a listing of their categories:
Wando DECA State Results
Finalists will compete at the
International Competition in Orlando, Fla 4/24-4/29
Mason Hammond Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling 1st
Riley Badger Travel & Tourism Team 1st
Tradd-Michael Robison
Kenny Fry Hospitality Services Team 1st
Emily Knepper
William Lewis Business Law and Ethics Team 1st
Forrest Redden
Megan Mallin Financial Services Team 1st
Maria Pavic
Elizabeth Clayton Chapter Body of Work Team 1st
Madison Mead
Kate Harper Student Based Enterprise 1st
Cole Whitman Business Plan Team
Riley-Grace Marshall
Catherine Ginn
Miles Bidwell National Stock Market Game Team 1st
Henry Frenzel
Harrison Mack
Parker Walton Virtual Business Sports Simulation Team 1st
Cameron Parker
Misae Evans Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan 2nd
Madison Mead Financial Consulting 2nd
Miles Bidwell Financial Services Team 3rd
Charles Buck
Caroline Hillebrand Business Financial Series 3rd
Brian Muztatago Principles of Hospitality and Tourism 3rd
Samantha Paragano Hotel and Lodging Mgt 3rd
Cameron Parker Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan Team 3rd
Parker Walton
Eileen Stribling Human Resource Management 3rd
Top Ten 
Graham Boyd Sports&Entertainment Team 4th
Trevor Behrens
Wilson Crone Business Financial 4th
Alton Massalon Food Marketing 4th
Savannah Parker Community Service 4th
Charles Zobel Principles of Finance 5th
Elizabeth Schilpp Restaurant and Food Service 5th
Evan Roberts Hospitality Services Team 5th
Joel Pio
Katie Brooks Marketing Management 5th
Kevin Cooper Sports&Entertainment Team Top 10
Parker White
Sam Crossland Accounting Applications Top 10
Brandon Dailey Marketing Communications Team Top 10
Alex Mallin
Jessie Gordon Hospitality and Tourism Team Top 10
Darby Johnson
Dustin Ingram Automotive Services Top 10
Brianna Radle Hospitality Services Team Top 10
Meghan Powell-Rivers
Steven Rodenberg Principles of Finance Top 10
Maurice Smith Principles of Finance Top 10
Zachary Taube Principles of Finance Top 10