Northwoods Middle School is an urban middle school serving over 800 students in the Charleston County School District.

The 2011-2012 school year was a year of growth and improvement for NMS students:

We moved from 51.7% to 72.4% compliance with federal growth targets in a single year—a 20.7% gain
We achieved out highest MAP* scores and MAP testing growth in the last five years

Everything we do MUST be about learning. With this expectation in mind, we want to share what your child’s ACADEMIC LIFE will look like when they are at school. Your child’s schedule will be created based on their reading and math levels according to test data.

We use a 65 minute class schedule. The students will have 5 classes and 1 advisory class each day.

We also provide extra instruction in math, reading, and social skills if your child needs to ‘catch up’ or be accelerated in any of these areas.

Finally, students also have related arts classes such as art, band, PE, health, Gifted & Talented, and keyboarding, stems, creative writing, and chorus.

Together we can work to ensure your child receives the best possible learning experience.

You can help support your child through a few simple steps:
1. Make sure your child is on time at school each day
unless you have a family emergency. Avoid
appointments during the school day if possible.
2. Make sure your child is carrying a school binder to and
from school daily.
3. If you have questions about a class, contact the
teacher to get answers.

We are here to help!

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