Educators’ WBL Internship Tool Kit

Credit bearing WBL courses like internships, cooperative learning, and mentoring should be STUDENT LED

The Students’ WBL Resources page has step by step instructions aligned with the educators’ information below.

Students can earn high school Carnegie units and most internship hosts offer compensation.

• Internships, Co-ops & Mentoring (60 hours = ½ credit; 120 hours = 1 credit)

WBL Credit Bearing Courses count toward the special recognition of “CTE Completer”
 at graduation, further enhancing student resumes and future readiness.

Students approved for this course must at minimum turn in a weekly journal and proof of the hours worked to their Teacher of Record.

TWO supervisor evaluations must be completed, one at the mid-point, and one at the end of the WBL term. Academic credit requirements, compensation, and activities vary with each WBL placement.

Chad Vail, WBL Partnership Coordinator and your school’s Career Specialist is available to assist as needed.


    Is there time in the student’s schedule for an internship, taking into consideration both academic and extracurricular activities, like sports & clubs etc.?


    Does a potential internship align with student’s CTE Program of Studies / IGP career interests?


    Has the student read & initialed each page of the CCSD Student WBL Handbook and discussed the opportunity at home? (Teacher should instruct student to start a file for all paperwork required for the WBL Course.)


    Teacher of Record collects and verifies student’s Educator Recommendation Form. Teacher of Record should not be the recommending educator.


    WBL Course for high school credit is approved by Teacher of Record and school counselor; student can proceed with discussions with potential hosts for a WBL experience.


    Student interviews with potential WBL host with the goal of being offered a position. The  Business Partner Intent Form can be used, but it is not required. (Remind student to send a thank you note!)


    (FORMS AT TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE) Student submits complete WBL Course Application Package to Teacher of Record. Additional Information Here on students’ WBL Resources page.


    Teacher of Record ensures student reports to first day of WBL Course on agreed date in Training Agreement.


    Student submits proof of hours worked, weekly journals, and other written assignments to Teacher of Record. (For summer WBL, students’ work is collected by WBL Partnerships Coordinator and graded by Teacher of Record when school resumes in the fall.)


    Teacher of Record (or WBL Partnership Coordinator during summer) will make at least one unannounced visit to the work-site during the course. Pictures are taken of the students in action.


    After the final work day established in the Training Agreement, all student documentation should be received by Teacher of Record. The school counseling department will enter the earned grade in PowerSchool as submitted on the WBL Grade Sheet.

Additional WBL Information for Educators

Per the SC Department of Education Work-based Learning Manual published annually by the Office of Career and Technology Education, a Work-based Learning Credit Bearing Course is a structured stand-alone course that is taken in a CTE Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)-coded program. Each work-based learning course (credit-bearing) has an assigned CTE course code, and guidelines must be followed in order to award the unit of credit upon successful completion of the course.

The student is supervised by a content-specific, certified teacher known as the Teacher of Record during the experience. The Work-based Learning credit-bearing course must be a part of the student’s major and/or IGP. Curriculum standards and employability skills are specific to the CTE course and must be mastered during the work-based experience and documented. Graded assignments are required and in alignment with course standards.

Regularly scheduled work site visits are conducted by the Teacher of Record (or a district representative) and documented. All required paperwork between the high school and sponsoring work site is kept on file at the school. WBL Credit Bearing Course grade is recorded on the student’s transcript by the School Counseling office, and also documented on the student’s Work-Based Learning page in PowerSchool in the College and Career Readiness section at the top of the page.  The School Counseling department can assist with the correct course code, and any questions can be answered by the CTE Support Team.