North Charleston HS Students Excel in Business Plan Contest

North Charleston HS Students Excel in Business Plan Contest

Thank you to Carolyn Southall from North Charleston HS for submitting this story about her students success in entrepreneurship!

Recently at North Charleston High School, students received awards for completing a business plan and three of them competed in an in-class business plan competition.

The sponsor for this event was the North Charleston Exchange Club. The winners were: 1st place:$250.00 Keenan White – Keenan presented his plan for a lawn care business. His business is currently in operation. , 2nd place:V$150.00 Angelica Reynolds – Angelica created a business plan for digitally enhanced photo books with animation, and 3rd place: $100.00 Jabari Jenkins – Jabari presented his plan for a sneaker restoration business.

13 students in my entrepreneurship class created a business plan. This is a big deal for my students. Many of them never heard of entrepreneurship back in August. Now, they have had the experience of learning skills that they can use now, and in the future. As a business teacher I am proud to share knowledge and learn with, and from my wonderful students.

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