2023 MUSC Teen Science Ambassadors

2023 MUSC Teen Science Ambassadors

MUSC’s Teen Science Ambassador Program has kicked off their Fall 2023 program. This year they have 21 bright and enthusiastic students from 10 different schools in the Charleston area. These young minds are the future of science and innovation!

This program provides a comprehensive mentorship and experience for our students. Students have three different mentors while in the program.

  • Near-Peer Mentors: These are students who successfully completed the program in 2022. Their experience and guidance will be invaluable to our new participants.
  • Senior Mentors: Our team of Senior Mentors comprises Assistant Professors, Postdoctoral Fellows, and PhD Candidates who serve as content experts. They will provide our students with in-depth knowledge and mentorship throughout the program. Full list attached
  • STEAM Mentor: We are grateful for our partnership with Yo Art! , our students will receive mentorship from the talented artist, Brittan Blasdel. Brittan will provide STEAM mentorship, helping our students infuse creativity into their projects as they prepare for their final presentations.

Over the next 12 weeks, Teen Science Ambassadors will undergo intensive research foundational training and embark on their own research exploration projects. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to apply their newfound knowledge and develop their scientific skills.

A big thank you to MUSC Teen Science Ambassador Program administrators for offering this amazing program for our students!

2022-2023 Ambassador Research Projects 


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