Career Exploration Opportunities

Career exploration offers you opportunities to explore your interest, learn about potential careers, gain job experience and connect you to a career path that you are interested in pursuing. There are many ways you can explore careers that interest you!

Job Shadowing

Provides the opportunities to spend a “day in the life” with a professional working in a position that aligns with your career interest. This is typically a one day experience. It is great practice to conduct an informational interview during your job shadow as well. Please work with your School Counselor or Career Specialist to assist you in this process. Job Shadow Connection Form 

Informational Interviewing

An informal conversation with a professional in a field you are interested in. Usually last 30-60 minutes. This is not a job interview, rather an opportunity for you to as questions about the professional’s career path, what they do day-today, advice they may have for you, trends in the industry. This is a great networking opportunity for professionals to learn more about you as well. Informational Interview Sample Questions.


Help you gain hands-on experience in a career field you are interested in pursuing. You will be working and many intern host provide compensation to students. Contact your Career Specialist and School Counselor to assist you in this process. For more information on internships please visit our Internship Page. 

Youth Apprenticeship

Learn & Earn! This is a formal relationship between an employee and student learning a specific occupation while taking dual credit classes Typically last 2 or more years and you will partner with Trident Technical College and take dual credit classes specific for your field. Visit TTC’s Youth Apprenticeship Page for moreCharleston Regional Youth Apprenticeships logo information. Connect with your Career Specialist and School Counselor to ensure this fits your schedule and to assist you with the program.

Student Organizations

Offer terrific opportunities for networking and to gain career related experience. Check out this summary of student organizations in SC Speak with your teachers or school counselors about specific student organizations at your school.

Career Camps

Often in the summer, career camps offer immersion in specific career pathway. You will gain experience and knowledge in a career field of interest and have the chance to network with professionals in that field. Check out the Summer Career Exploration Opportunities page!