Structured Field Study Toolkit

Structured Field Study WBL Experiences (aka CTE Field-trips) allow students to gain first-hand knowledge on their chosen career major while building important relationships with professionals.

Usually planned to occur between 8:30am and 1:30pm, these visits to local organizations often serve as the first step toward deeper WBL experiences like Internships and Youth Apprenticeships.

Each WBL experience is custom tailored to fit the needs of students and teachers. Students should be well-prepared beforehand to ensure an optimal educational experience.

Please be realistic about completing all requirements 28 days prior to your requested WBL experience date.

*** Please plan ahead to help ensure ALL Work-based Learning experiences are able to be documented in PowerSchool. ***

  • STEP #1 – Confirm Date & Destination

    The date of the trip is the most important thing to lock in first.
    Check with the CTE Dept. Chair, School Counselors, School Leadership, and the District Calendar to ensure the date works for all concerned.

    To request help identifying a destination / host for your ideal Structured Field Study experience,
    please complete this Destination Assistance Request Form.
    (Skip this step if you already have a destination confirmed.)

    STEP #2A – Submit the Required CCSD Field-trip Approval Forms

    Your school may have specific requirements for requesting permission to leave campus for a field-trip – please make sure you are in compliance.

    These are the required CCSD Field-trip forms (CCSD Intranet).

    Please Note: Principal approval / signature on your forms can take time, but you can go ahead and request your bus cost estimate.

    STEP #2B- Request a Cost Estimate for Your Bus

    For First Student bus reservations, available from 9am to 1:30pm, review this info and use this form. (CCSD Intranet)

    More information on First Student policies & procedures is available: CCSD Transportation page  (CCSD Intranet)

    Contact Coastal Bus Line for a quote if the transportation need can not be met by First Student due to departure / arrival time requirements for your trip.

    STEP #3 – Request Transportation Funding from CCSD CTE

    Please submit your CCSD Field-trip CTE Funding Request (Google Form) to officially request funds.

    CTE WBL transportation funds can be requested for up to 2 visits by the same cohort of students per school year.

    STEP #4 – Send Principal Signed Field Trip Forms & Bus Cost Estimate to CTE Department

    Scan & send pdfs of your principal signed field trip forms and bus cost estimate per the instructions in the email you received after submitting the Transportation Funding Request. (Perkins Compliance)

    Funding approval will be sent via e-mail as soon as possible to the requesting CTE teacher with a copy to the school bookkeeper, CTE Department Head, and school principal. This e-mail will include the amount transferred and account number.

    STEP #5 – Response & Reflection Assignment

    Plan for your students to complete a response or reflection assignment after the structured field-trip – maybe a paragraph about what they learned or a short questionnaire with specifics about the experience.

    STEP #6 – Submit Roster for WBL Experience Data Input in PowerSchool

    Plan ahead to submit the roster of participating students your school’s career specialist to ensure this valuable WBL experience is recorded in PowerSchool correctly.