Memminger Elementary Students Enjoy Visit from Local Sushi Chef

Memminger Elementary Students Enjoy Visit from Local Sushi Chef

IMG_2608 Mr. David Bonezzi provided the following account of Chef George Herbert’s visit to his classroom at Memminger Elementary recently.

This experience with a skilled sushi chef connected to our present unit of study entitled “How We Express Ourselves”, with the central idea, “Communities reflect the perspective of different cultures.” 

Our students are exploring the five elements of culture: Art, Storytelling, Food, Language, and Traditions, from various cultural groups throughout history. 

Chef Herbert’s skillful demonstration for the students connected the Asian culture and an example of their unique food.  When we were reading about Asian culture, our students took a particular interest in sushi.  This experience with a guest speaker allowed students to try a very different cultural food from the type of food they usually eat.  Through this experience students were able to demonstrate 2 Learner Profile Traits, “open minded” and “risk takers”, by trying a new type of food.

Thanks to Chef Herbert and everyone that made this Extended Learning Opportunity possible for students at Memminger Elementary.IMG_2597


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