Career Exploration Opportunities

Welcome to your online resource for Career Exploration opportunities.

Each career exploration experience must be “Student Led”, meaning it is up to YOU, the student to take a leadership role in preparing for your future career through these opportunities.

There are several types of experiences listed below – they are typically single day opportunities to explore a specific profession.

You may also elect to enroll in a longer term “Work-based Learning Course”, like Internships and Youth Apprenticeships, which offer the opportunity to earn high school credit as well as compensation! Academic credit requirements, compensation, and activities vary with each WBL placement.


Students’ first step to participate in any Career Exploration experience is to discuss the opportunity with a  teacher, school counselor, and/or request a meeting with their school’s Career Specialist.

WBL Courses: Internships & Apprenticeships

WBL experiences are available to all CCSD students that meet the qualification criteria outlined in the CCSD Student WBL Handbook.

The planning for an internship or apprenticeship will begin the semester prior to the expected start.

WBL Course for Credit students may be scheduled for “late in” or “early out” from school in order to participate.

Some WBL experiences may require after school and weekend work. Some work-based learning hosts provide compensation to students.

These steps should be followed by students interested in an internship placement.

Career Specialists and School Counselors are ready to assist as needed in making WBL connections!